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5 Things That Cause The Most Problems In a Marriage

Every marriage has its problems. When two lives are merged into one, and shared finances and parenting become complicated, arguments tend to increase and this becomes problematic. The truth is, though, that most of these arguments happen about very certain and predictable issues. If more couples would take the time to address many of these […]

Co-Parenting: What It Is and How To Make It Work

We all know that divorced families are pretty common these days. All of us know people this has affected, and for many, we are the ones in the midst of it ourselves. Divorce is never easy, not for any of the parties involved. Even in the most amicable divorce, which is really quite rare, there […]

Is Your Marriage Stuck In a Rut?

Is your marriage stuck in a rut?  If you said yes, you are certainly not alone.  Most couples report feeling like they’re a bit stuck after several years of marriage, and especially when they have small children.  The focus often switches from each other to work, children and other obligations. Exhaustion can lead to frustration, […]

The #1 Reason People Are Overweight

America has an epidemic of overweight adults and children: 65% are overweight and 35% are obese. What is causing this health epidemic? Kate Raidt has a frank discussion with nutritionist Cheryl Forberg about America's health crisis - and the real reason so many people are overweight.

Have You Been Spying On Your Spouse?

Have you been spying on your spouse or partner?  In this technological era, it is easier than ever to seek and gather information about other people.  You can track your family and know where everyone is at any given moment.  You can stalk their social media.  You can search dating sites for their profile, run […]

Women and Anxiety

Everyone feels anxiety from time to time. It is your body’s natural response to excessive stress. A little anxiety is not necessarily bad; sometimes it is even necessary to inform your decisions. The ‘gut’ feeling you sometimes get that tells you not to do something, that fight or flight response, is crucial for all animals. […]

3 Steps to Dealing With Someone Else’s Anger

Everyone gets angry sometimes.  As much as happiness and joy are a part of life, so are sadness and anger.  As humans, we experience a wide range of feelings and emotions, and it is both healthy and normal.  The problems people have with anger are not simply because they experience anger; rather, difficulties often arise […]
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