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The #1 Reason People Are Overweight

America has an epidemic of overweight adults and children: 65% are overweight and 35% are obese. What is causing this health epidemic? Kate Raidt has a frank discussion with nutritionist Cheryl Forberg about America's health crisis - and the real reason so many people are overweight.

Why sleep is so important

Sleep Expert Rebecca Michi talks about why sleep is so important for children and adults - any the many mental and physical health issues a person faces when they don't get enough sleep.

4 Ways To Save For College

Getting accepted to college is one thing. Paying for college is a bigger challenge. The good news: There are several ways to save for college. Financial advisors discuss 4 of the most effective ways to save for college.

Are You Being Your True Self – Or Putting On an Act?

It’s a known fact that we act differently in different situations and around different people. Have you ever watched your child act completely differently around their friends than they do at home? Or perhaps you’ve witnessed how differently they act around one parent than the other. To some extent, this is perfectly normal. You might […]

What To Do If You Are Feeling Powerless

In today’s politically charged climate, it is easy to feel strong emotions. It doesn’t matter which party you align with or what you believe in; strong opinions and emotions can be invoked in anyone. You might feel strongly in support of or against any number of policies and events occurring on a daily basis. Having […]
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