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Why It’s Important To Know People Who Are Different Than You

In America, we pride ourselves on diversity. We are a country built of immigrants from many different lands, and one where people have sought and found freedom for themselves and their families for centuries. Diversity is “the inclusion of individuals representing more than one national origin, color, religion, socioeconomic stratum, sexual orientations, etc.”. Although we […]

Why There Are Two Sides To Every Story

I have often marveled at the fact that two people can share an experience, and later retell the details of the experience in completely different, sometimes even utterly contradictory, ways. Whether it is something positive or negative seems to be irrelevant. How is it even possible that if we were both there, and the same […]

When Someone You Know Does Something Appalling

Nobody is perfect; this we all know and accept. Whether it’s telling a white lie, idle gossip, or yelling at our children, it is common knowledge that from time to time, we all make these bad decisions at least sometimes. Clearly, some people have higher morals and stronger values than others, and some people engage […]

Anger – Whose Fault Is It Anyways?

Anger is a strong emotion that everyone feels sometimes. Unfortunately, our society has convinced us that it is a negative or bad emotion. The truth is there is no such thing as a negative or bad emotion. There are just emotions. All of them are created equally, and all of them will be experienced by […]

How To Find Balance In Your Life

Life is busy. Sometimes, it can become overwhelming. Between careers, friends, family, jobs, relationships, and self, it can be hard to find time for everyone and everything and learn how to balance your life. It can often seem like you just can’t win. If you spend too much time with at work, your family suffers. […]

The Blame Game – How Couples Get Stuck

It’s perfectly natural to want to defend yourself when you perceive you are being are attacked. After all, this is how humans were designed, and this “fight or flight” response has historically served us well. If the only options are to flee, fight back, or get mauled to death by a wild animal, fighting back […]
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