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5 Tips For a Happy Family

Most parents truly want nothing more for their children and their family than true happiness. That being said, with marriage, jobs, kids, bills, laundry and all of life’s other stressors, it is not always that easy to achieve or maintain. We try our best. We give in to immediate wishes and desires because we believe […]

Why You Need a Vacation

If you are like most parents, you hardly remember what a vacation feels like. It’s been so long since your last true vacation, that it is merely a distant memory, and one that is fading fast. You have many reasons why you haven’t had one recently, and they are all legitimate. The truth of the […]

Why Parenting Has Changed Over the Years

“These kids today” — words from every older generation referring to the generation at their heals. Each generation thinks they got it right and the next is getting it all wrong. But we are always the products of the one before. Here’s how I see where we stand in our parenting now. (You will undoubtedly note […]

How To Be a Calm Parent

What would it take to stay calm when it comes to managing your kids’ behavior? Sometimes it feels like a herculean task, doesn’t it? Remember the Oregon trail? One wagon after another followed the tracks made by earlier wagons. The ruts got deeper and deeper as more wagons rode west. In places, a person could […]

Do You Expect Too Much of Your Children?

When it comes to raising children, everyone has their own style of parenting. I think what we all share in common is the desire to raise well-behaved, kind, thoughtful and independent human beings. We all strive to have kids that follow directions, do well in school, help with chores and other responsibilities, and treat others […]
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