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When Your Friend’s Husband Treats Her Badly

Have you ever witnessed your friend’s husband treating her badly? (By the way, a wife can treat her husband badly too.  For the purpose of this article, I’m going to use the husband treating his wife badly.)  Unfortunately, it’s not all that uncommon, so there is a good chance that you have seen this happen. […]

Married to ADHD

Most of us think of ADHD as a disorder of childhood, and generally speaking, it is.  However, ADHD can last into adulthood or even be first diagnosed in adulthood.  Often, adults are finally getting a diagnosis and understanding of problems that they have struggled with for many, many years. It’s not easy having ADHD as […]

How Domestic Violence Affects Children

Domestic violence creeps up out of nowhere and finds its ugly way into so many lives. Nobody ever believes it can or will happen to them, yet suddenly find themselves in a dangerous situation. Domestic violence does not discriminate either: It can happen to black or white, rich or poor, highly educated or uneducated. So […]

The #1 Killer of Your Marriage

Let’s face it; marriage is really hard.  While most of us enter marriage thinking it’s going to be all rainbows and unicorns, and that we will do it better than anyone else because we are so in love, the reality is that all marriages face challenges. As the years go on and as our lives […]

5 Things That Cause The Most Problems In a Marriage

Every marriage has its problems. When two lives are merged into one, and shared finances and parenting become complicated, arguments tend to increase and this becomes problematic. The truth is, though, that most of these arguments happen about very certain and predictable issues. If more couples would take the time to address many of these […]

Is Your Marriage Stuck In a Rut?

Is your marriage stuck in a rut?  If you said yes, you are certainly not alone.  Most couples report feeling like they’re a bit stuck after several years of marriage, and especially when they have small children.  The focus often switches from each other to work, children and other obligations. Exhaustion can lead to frustration, […]

Have You Been Spying On Your Spouse?

Have you been spying on your spouse or partner?  In this technological era, it is easier than ever to seek and gather information about other people.  You can track your family and know where everyone is at any given moment.  You can stalk their social media.  You can search dating sites for their profile, run […]

3 Steps to Dealing With Someone Else’s Anger

Everyone gets angry sometimes.  As much as happiness and joy are a part of life, so are sadness and anger.  As humans, we experience a wide range of feelings and emotions, and it is both healthy and normal.  The problems people have with anger are not simply because they experience anger; rather, difficulties often arise […]
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