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The Truth About Lies

The most dangerous lie you ever tell won’t be to your best friend; it won’t be to your boss; it won’t even be to your spouse. The most dangerous lie you ever tell will be the one you to tell to yourself.

Thinking About a Custody Battle? Think Again!

I realize not everyone can sit down and get a cooperative parenting plan with the other parent, but it’s vital for parents to have realistic expectations about how a custody battle will impact their family. No matter how strongly a parent feels they are doing the right thing, children suffer when their parents fight over them.

5 Things That Cause The Most Problems In a Marriage

Every marriage has its problems. When two lives are merged into one, and shared finances and parenting become complicated, arguments tend to increase and this becomes problematic. The truth is, though, that most of these arguments happen about very certain and predictable issues. If more couples would take the time to address many of these […]

Marriage and Kids When You Both Work

Marriage and kids go together like peanut butter and jelly. Most of us dreamed about having this far back into our own childhoods. Whenever we would think about our futures or what being a “grown-up” would like in our own lives, it usually included marriage and children. These were happy dreams that we had, with […]

3 Steps to a Marriage Makeover

Marriage can be hard. It can be really hard. Perhaps, it’s harder than anything you even imagined. How did you go from marital bliss to feeling so angry at each other all the time? Well, life happened. Work, children, household obligations, carpools, cooking, and so on and so on and so on. People get overwhelmed […]

5 Things Your Partner Really Needs

Every day in my office, I see couples trying to improve or even save their marriages. So often, I hear people tell me that they’re trying so hard to please their partner, but just seem to never be able to make them happy. I always ask what it is that they have tried, and I […]

Dating 101 For Divorced Parents

So here you are, in this place you never would have imagined so many years ago when you were in love and walked down that aisle. But it happened…your marriage ended, and now you find yourself a divorced, single parent, and haven’t a clue about what to do next. You haven’t been on a date […]
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