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How to Find Holiday Gifts at Best Prices

Are you already stressing about how much you are about to spend on holiday gifts? Not sure how you are going to squeeze your shopping into into your budget? Over the years, I have discovered 5 awesome ways to buy fantastic gifts for kids and adults at rock-bottom prices. Here are my favorites I will […]

The Power of a Parent: Good Advice

In a Fortune Magazine article titled “The Best Advice I Ever Got”, 19 accomplished people shared the advice that most influenced their lives. Almost lmost half of these people said it was their parents who gave them the best advice.

The Power of Giving Back

There is no better feeling with permanent lasting effects on your soul and spirit than the act of giving to people in need. When you develop relationships with people in need, you not only have the chance to inspire and change a human life, but many times that human life is your own.
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