4 Ways to Spend Less & Live More

Do you cringe when your kids start a new season of baseball because you know you are about to cough up $300 in sports gear? Would an extra $200 each month help relieve financial stress? Are you desperate for a “date night” with your spouse, but can’t afford a babysitter?

How to Find Holiday Gifts at Best Prices

Are you already stressing about how much you are about to spend on holiday gifts? Not sure how you are going to squeeze your shopping into into your budget? Over the years, I have discovered 5 awesome ways to buy fantastic gifts for kids and adults at rock-bottom prices. Here are my favorites I will […]

How To Be Grateful in a Stressful World

Everyone talks about gratitude and how important it is for our happiness. Be grateful for everything you have. Teach your children to be grateful instead of always wanting. So how can we be more grateful and teach it to our children? Although I have not had a great loss in my life since I was […]

Should Kids Attend Adult Parties?

Over the holidays, I shared with my friends that I was planning to write an article about the social etiquette of bringing kids to parties (or not!) and if they could all weigh in. Whoa, I received a very unanimous, strong opinion on the topic. So here it goes

Are You Happy?

Why, you might ask, is this even important? After all, as long as the kids’ needs are being met and things that need to get done are, what does it matter if you’re happy? Well, it DOES matter!
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