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How To Find Balance In Your Life

Life is busy. Sometimes, it can become overwhelming. Between careers, friends, family, jobs, relationships, and self, it can be hard to find time for everyone and everything and learn how to balance your life. It can often seem like you just can’t win. If you spend too much time with at work, your family suffers. […]

Why You Need a Vacation

If you are like most parents, you hardly remember what a vacation feels like. It’s been so long since your last true vacation, that it is merely a distant memory, and one that is fading fast. You have many reasons why you haven’t had one recently, and they are all legitimate. The truth of the […]

How To Be An Assertive Adult

Are you a doormat? Do you let people walk all over you, never standing up for yourself or your needs? Maybe you always say yes and put everyone else’s needs ahead of your own. Many women believe that their role is to just stay quiet and please others. There is often a belief that speaking […]

Marriage and Kids When You Both Work

Marriage and kids go together like peanut butter and jelly. Most of us dreamed about having this far back into our own childhoods. Whenever we would think about our futures or what being a “grown-up” would like in our own lives, it usually included marriage and children. These were happy dreams that we had, with […]

Is Your Job a Good “Vehicle”?

Best-selling author Stephen R. Covey says, “Just think about it: The average child spends seven hours a day watching TV and five minutes with Dad. Unbelievable! If we had it to do over, we would put a higher priority on our family, on these children – particularly when they were little."
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