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Teen Suicides Are On the Rise

Just a couple of weeks ago, I saw on social media that in my area, a teenager had just taken his own life. While in the past, this would have been just another story about a stranger that doesn’t have any effect on my life, this time (and many others lately), have really struck a […]

How To Manage Teens and Curfews/Parties

As teenagers get older, their social lives become very much the focal points in their lives. With the typical emerging sense of independence, they will likely start going to parties in high school. Most of us adults can remember ourselves what it was like to feel a growing sense of independence and desire to spend […]

Are You Pushing Your Kids Away?

As your children are getting older, does it ever seem like they are completely disinterested in having a relationship with you? Maybe you used to be really close, but now every interaction just turns into a huge argument? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. As your kids grow and mature, their needs change, and over time […]

3 Ways to Motivate a Child or Teenager

Are you having trouble getting your kids off the couch? Do you want your children to make better grades in school? Be more physically active? Join a sports team? Or participate in a service project? Motivating a child or teenager isn’t always easy, but if you follow the three steps below you are almost guaranteed to discover a whole new child:
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