How To Say NO Without Saying NO

Listening to NO is something kids need to do. But some kids hear something very different when you say NO. How far do you get before your frustration gets the better of you and you start yelling, demanding and threatening? Think instead that your children need to learn cooperation and consideration. When you’re frustrated and […]

How To Manage Teens and Curfews/Parties

As teenagers get older, their social lives become very much the focal points in their lives. With the typical emerging sense of independence, they will likely start going to parties in high school. Most of us adults can remember ourselves what it was like to feel a growing sense of independence and desire to spend […]

3 Ways to Motivate a Child or Teenager

Are you having trouble getting your kids off the couch? Do you want your children to make better grades in school? Be more physically active? Join a sports team? Or participate in a service project? Motivating a child or teenager isn’t always easy, but if you follow the three steps below you are almost guaranteed to discover a whole new child:

How To React When Your Child Makes a Mistake

A colleague recently shared a story with me about her school-age son. He was with his soccer team, eating in a restaurant after a game. When his meal came, he reached for the ketchup and poured it all over his mini corn dogs. Only, it wasn’t ketchup…it was hot sauce. His meal was ruined, and […]

Why Parenting Has Changed Over the Years

“These kids today” — words from every older generation referring to the generation at their heals. Each generation thinks they got it right and the next is getting it all wrong. But we are always the products of the one before. Here’s how I see where we stand in our parenting now. (You will undoubtedly note […]
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