How To Negotiate and Compromise With Your Teenager

It’s hard to get along with your teenager. Not only have they become more focused on their friends and probably a bit moody as well, you and your teen truly want different things. They want independence, freedom, and just to have fun. You want them to be safe, be responsible and make good decisions. Often, […]

Rules and Rebellion with Teens

Many parents’ first instinct when a child reaches her teens is to clamp down on the rules. Suddenly, we want to run background checks on all her friends, accompany her on every trip to the mall, and listen in on her phone calls. But far from keeping a teen safe, turning up the Strict Meter only drives behavior underground. Stuff is still going on – you just no longer see it.

Are You a Controlling Micro-Managing Parent?

As parents, we all want our children to succeed. It is with a sense of pride and joy that we relish every accomplishment from the first steps to the first graduation, and everything in between. We teach our children and guide them, and we even give them an extra push once in a while, all […]

Are You Being Your True Self – Or Putting On an Act?

It’s a known fact that we act differently in different situations and around different people. Have you ever watched your child act completely differently around their friends than they do at home? Or perhaps you’ve witnessed how differently they act around one parent than the other. To some extent, this is perfectly normal. You might […]
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