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Teens & School – How Involved Should You Be?

It is hard to be a teenager. As anyone with teenaged children can tell you, it’s even harder to parent them. Teenagers are vacillating between developmental stages, wanting to both be much like an adult, but have none of the responsibility or accountability that comes with that. As parents, we can easily become frustrated, and […]

Teaching Your Kids the Value of Money

In my 13 years of primary school, four years of college and 18 years of life under my parent’s wing, not one person, teacher, professor or parent ever taught me the importance of investing while I was young or the importance of saving money.

Are You Confused About Your Child’s Sexuality?

Sexuality is a pretty important topic in any teenagers life. With hormones raging and love interests abounding, it seems to be on every teen’s mind. It is important to realize, though, that sexuality is much more than just having sex or thinking about having sex. Sexuality refers to both sexual feelings towards others and one’s […]
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