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How To Help Your Teen Handle a Breakup

Everyone wants to find love. There is nothing more human than wanting to love and be loved. Teenagers are experiencing this for the very first time, and it can be intense and passionate. The emotions involved are real and often extreme, and teen relationships are often marked by plenty of ups, downs, and intensity. It […]

Rules and Rebellion with Teens

Many parents’ first instinct when a child reaches her teens is to clamp down on the rules. Suddenly, we want to run background checks on all her friends, accompany her on every trip to the mall, and listen in on her phone calls. But far from keeping a teen safe, turning up the Strict Meter only drives behavior underground. Stuff is still going on – you just no longer see it.

Is Your Teen Obsessed With Someone?

Nearly everyone remembers their first love. The overwhelming feelings of infatuation and the chemistry between you is not something that is easily forgotten. And while it is pretty normal to spend a lot of time with a new love interest, there is a line between normal teenage desire and unhealthy obsession. So how do you […]

Signs Your Teen Might Be Sexually Abused

As a parent, nothing is more devastating than harm done to your child. When harm is done to your child, your heart might break that you weren’t able to prevent it or protect them. Sexual abuse might be one of the hardest things a family could ever have to endure. But let’s not ignore that […]
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