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Siblings fighting: How much is too much?

Dr. Patricia Nan Anderson and Parenting Coach Katie Malinski LCSW discuss with Kate Raidt the difference between normal sibling squabbles - and when sibling fighting or rivalry has gone too far.

Does Your Child Need Help?

So often these days, I find parents quick to judge others. They are judging the parenting of others and the behavior of their children, as if to say that, “My child would never get away with acting that way; clearly this is a parenting issue.” Sometimes, children actually have disorders or disabilities that impede their […]

Signs That Your Child Needs to Change Schools

Nothing is harder for a parent to watch than seeing their child suffer. Whether it’s emotional or physical, it hurts the parents just as much, or sometimes even more, than the child. When the pain your child is suffering is happening at school, it is almost unbearable. Parents will do nearly anything to ensure the […]

Why Kids Drop Out of School

In America’s big cities, the high school dropout rate is as high as 50% and it’s not much better in rural areas either. Even though education is important as the first step towards getting a job that pays a decent wage, half of the kids who start high school as ninth graders don’t finish all […]

How to Help a Depressed Teenager

Depression is a serious disease that affects adults, teenagers, and children. Everyone has had periods of sadness in their life, perhaps due to a death or a loss, so how does a parent recognize when things have gone beyond a temporary bout of the ‘blues’?
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