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The Arc of the Tantrum

This illustration helps parents understand brain dysregulation, so they can pick & choose appropriate interventions based on their child’s brain functioning at any given moment. To say it another way–this helps make sense of your child’s tantrums, explains why some things  you do just make things worse, and gives a parent guidance for what TO […]

Toddlers & Biting: What to Do

Just about as soon as children sprout teeth they discover what teeth really are good for. My year-old second son discovered that a quick nip during breastfeeding resulted in a very amusing jump and yelp on my part. (Amusing to him! Needless to say he was graduated to a sippy cup pretty soon…)

Why You Need To Say “No” To Your Toddler

Toddlers can absolutely be the most adorable creatures on earth. They are cute, funny, and their budding personalities can be quite entertaining. They can also be little terrors. They will assert themselves and in their efforts to try to get what they want, they will find the most endless and unimaginable ways to wear you […]
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