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How to Cope with a Perfect Child

Your child is perfect. She or he is beautiful, polite, a gifted student and a marvelous athlete. Your child speaks at least one other language, plays two musical instruments, and has the lead in the school play. Or not. Your child may not have accomplished anything yet but he or she is packed with potential. Your child, you see, is perfect.

Keys to Age 0-5 Development Years

Kindergarten teachers will tell you: some kids start school ready to learn and some start school way behind. The difference, obviously, is what happens at home in those first five years. But what makes that difference? What should parents of toddlers and preschoolers be doing to give their kids every advantage possible?

Ridiculous Bliss With Your Kids

Being a parent is not easy. Your children want to express themselves in ways that is conflicting with your desire and the way that you want the house to run. Ultimately, we are challenged to experience bliss with our kids because we want our kids to do what we want them to do. The problem is, they don't really care.
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