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When Someone Else’s Child Hurts Your Child

If you have ever gone to a grocery store or a park, chance are you’ve seen firsthand what it looks like when someone else’s child misbehaves. Whether it’s throwing a tantrum in the store or throwing sand on the playground, you’ve also had a chance to see how different parents choose to handle the problem […]

Participation Trophies vs the Real World

When I was growing up, I remember that we had winners and losers. The Olympics awarded gold, silver and bronze metals to the winners, and everyone else did not win; they were the losers. School sports and professional sports always had a winner and a loser. Once your team lost enough games, you were simply […]

5 Tips For a Happy Family

Most parents truly want nothing more for their children and their family than true happiness. That being said, with marriage, jobs, kids, bills, laundry and all of life’s other stressors, it is not always that easy to achieve or maintain. We try our best. We give in to immediate wishes and desires because we believe […]
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