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How To React When Your Child Makes a Mistake

A colleague recently shared a story with me about her school-age son. He was with his soccer team, eating in a restaurant after a game. When his meal came, he reached for the ketchup and poured it all over his mini corn dogs. Only, it wasn’t ketchup…it was hot sauce. His meal was ruined, and […]

How To Choose the Right Activities For Your Child

How do you choose the right programs or activities for your kids? Sometimes it’s clear, sometimes it’s not. Lots of agendas can get involved when schedules and locations are important. When choosing activities, consider: This is for your child, not you. Of course it must work for you, but try not to project what you […]

Why Preschoolers Need to Play

There’s a lot of pressure right now for preschool kids to learn academic stuff. This pushes traditional play activities into the background but that’s a mistake. It’s important for parents to stick up for their children’s right to play without any sort of obvious goal. Here’s why…
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