How to Have No-Rush, Stress-Free Mornings

I hate mornings. Actually, that's not true. I really, really, really hate mornings. I feel the worst parent in me comes out in full force trying to get my kids to scarf their breakfast, brush their teeth and sprint out the door to beat the morning school bell.

5 Tips for a Great New School Year

Ice cream, swimming pools, lax bedtimes, video games…these are just a few things that define “summer break”. It takes 21 days to form new habits, so if you wait until the first week of school to enforce early bedtimes, studying, reading, healthy eating and other good habits your child will struggle the first month of school.

How to Help Your Child Get a Good Night’s Rest

Whether your child is having a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep, one of the first steps is to make sure that you are practicing good sleep hygiene. “Sleep Hygiene” simply refers to the environmental and timing factors that help us fall and stay asleep. Here is a short list of “Good Sleep Hygiene Practices” for your child or for you.
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