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5 Tips for Talking With Your Kids About Puberty

Parents sometimes think that they can wait for the “Big Talk” about puberty and sex until their children are 12 or older. Experts say that’s not the healthy choice. Children learn the information better, and ultimately make healthier choices when their parents start early talking about these topics

How To Say NO Without Saying NO

Listening to NO is something kids need to do. But some kids hear something very different when you say NO. How far do you get before your frustration gets the better of you and you start yelling, demanding and threatening? Think instead that your children need to learn cooperation and consideration. They don’t necessarily need […]

Can You Be Friends with Your Child?

I wish I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard, Never be friends with your child. The thinking behind this, I presume, is that children need a parent’s authority; they do not need to be the parent’s confidante who gets way too much information and who is counted on to fill the parent’s emotional […]
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