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Are You Pushing Your Kids Away?

As your children are getting older, does it ever seem like they are completely disinterested in having a relationship with you? Maybe you used to be really close, but now every interaction just turns into a huge argument? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. As your kids grow and mature, their needs change, and over time […]

7 Tips for Drama-Free Play Dates

Oh boy! Getting several toddlers together for a play date can be…a learning experience. I considered investing in a really fancy whistle until I learned that there are several steps I can take to help make play dates easy, breezy for both me, my kids and their playmates. Cover the rules with your kids before […]

#1 Key to Helping Your Child Grow Into a Happy Adult

You might think that giving your children academic advantages in early life—things like the best schools, lessons, or extra tutoring are the most helpful things you can do to help them get ahead and thereby set them up for an adulthood full of happiness. However, as it turns out, childhood academic success isn’t the most important factor in supporting adult happiness.
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