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Facebook For Children?

As you might have heard, Facebook has launched a new app aimed at children ages 6-12. The app allows for children to message and video chat with a contact list that parents have control over. There is a great deal of controversy over this, with even major news organization chiming in, as well as child […]

How To Be Selfish – In a Healthy Way

What do you think for when you hear the word selfish? For most of us, images of some jerk we know instantly come to mind. We think about someone who never thinks about anyone but himself and goes through life doing whatever he want with no regard for how it might affect others. But what […]

How To Get Your Child To Apologize

Notice I titled this article How to Get Your Child to Apologize, not How to Teach Your Child to Apologize. Your child already knows how. By the time children are two, they are capable of empathy. If another child cries, they feel it. If mommy hurts herself, they offer comfort. The key word here is […]

Parenting a Child With Special Needs

Let’s face it…parenting is hard work. Is it rewarding? Yes, it can be very rewarding at times. But, really, it’s much harder than anyone really tells you, and that is under the best of circumstances. So, imagine for a moment your worst day with your child, that horrible, awful, push-you-to-the-edge kind of day. For most […]
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