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How To Set Your Child Up For School Success

With a new school year coming soon, it’s time to think about helping our children be as successful as they can be. That includes resisting the temptation either to push children beyond their means so they fear never meeting up to expectations or to neglect staying involved so they feel unimportant. In other words, it […]

How to Talk to Your Kids About Death

The loss of a loved one (or pet) can be one of the hardest things for parents to talk to their children about. Parenting Coach Katie Malinski LCSW role plays with Kate Raidt how to effectively talk to your children about death and dying.

Easing Children’s Fears

What should we say to our children in the wake of more and more school shootings? How can we ease their fears and answer their questions, not to mention ours? We look for the right thing to say just as we look for the motive of the killers—to make it all make sense, fix what […]

Signs That Your Child Needs to Change Schools

Nothing is harder for a parent to watch than seeing their child suffer. Whether it’s emotional or physical, it hurts the parents just as much, or sometimes even more, than the child. When the pain your child is suffering is happening at school, it is almost unbearable. Parents will do nearly anything to ensure the […]
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