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The 3 Most Important House Rules

Whenever you are setting rules with your children you can use this rule of thumb. Every rule you make should fall into one of these 3 general rules:

Do You Have a Bossy Child?

Do you have a bossy child? One who tells others what to do, how to play the game, what to say? A child who throws a fit if things don’t go her way? “Bossy” is a word that gets our dander up. “Bossy” typically translates for a frustrated parent as mean, rude, know-it-all, bully, show-off, […]

Boys and Behavior/Aggression

Do you have an aggressive son? Should it be OK for boys to “kill” each other with toy guns or wrestle with their friends? Parenting Coach Katie Malinski LCSW answers questions about what is typical boy behavior…and what is too much.

Does Your Child Need Help?

So often these days, I find parents quick to judge others. They are judging the parenting of others and the behavior of their children, as if to say that, “My child would never get away with acting that way; clearly this is a parenting issue.” Sometimes, children actually have disorders or disabilities that impede their […]

Signs That Your Child Needs to Change Schools

Nothing is harder for a parent to watch than seeing their child suffer. Whether it’s emotional or physical, it hurts the parents just as much, or sometimes even more, than the child. When the pain your child is suffering is happening at school, it is almost unbearable. Parents will do nearly anything to ensure the […]
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