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How To React When Your Child Makes a Mistake

A colleague recently shared a story with me about her school-age son. He was with his soccer team, eating in a restaurant after a game. When his meal came, he reached for the ketchup and poured it all over his mini corn dogs. Only, it wasn’t ketchup…it was hot sauce. His meal was ruined, and […]

A New Look At Defiant Children

The parents I hear from most have children like my daughter—a child who won’t take no for an answer, who will not be told what to do, and who will stand her ground for as long as it takes to get someone to understand that she is right—in other words, maddening. These are the children […]

How To Be a Calm Parent

What would it take to stay calm when it comes to managing your kids’ behavior? Sometimes it feels like a herculean task, doesn’t it? Remember the Oregon trail? One wagon after another followed the tracks made by earlier wagons. The ruts got deeper and deeper as more wagons rode west. In places, a person could […]
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