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Advantage4Parents.com is about supporting, educating and inspiring the folks who have the most important job on Earth – Parents! With about 110,000 members, Advantage4Parents¬†features articles and videos for toddler through teenage-related parenting topics on everything from potty training tips, handling siblings who squabble to helping your teenager land college scholarships. Since parents also juggle money management, career change and marriage, we also have a special place on the site for “life” topics, too.

I’m Kate Raidt. I’m the founder and content director for Advantage4Parents. I sold books door-to-door for Southwestern Advantage for 10 summers. When I became a parent, I realized that the Southwestern Company offered amazing educational products to millions of parents for their children, but nothing to the parents for the parents themselves. Hence the birth of Advantage4Parents.

I hope you will share Advantage4Parents¬†with your friends, neighbors, family, teachers, babysitters, soccer moms…and even the Octomom.

Our featured content includes:

  • Over 500 articles written by doctors, experts and best-selling authors
  • Q&A videos from top parenting experts
  • Role-playing video examples
  • Real parenting coaching videos
  • Kate’s Kitchen with Kids – healthy recipes kids can make with their parents
  • Expert Money advice from Dave Ramsey and his daughter Rachel Cruze
  • Parenting Quizzes
  • Rolling with the Raidts reality show
  • Weekly parenting newsletter

Some of our most popular articles and videos include:

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