Little Ones

Is Your Toddler Eating Too Much Junk Food?

There is no need to feed poor food to a toddler simply because “that’s all she likes.” And there is every reason to start now to accustom your child to a diverse diet of healthy foods.

 Young Kids

When Is There Too Much Homework?

Since school has started, my inbox has been flooded with questions about homework from my non-educator friends. Homework should have an actual purpose and there are developmentally appropriate amounts of times for their grade level. That also means that not every single child is ready for that developmental stage. According to the National Education Association, […]

 Tweens & Teens

What’s Holding Them Back?

Conquering parental fear when you let out the responsibility rope

 The Whole Family

Celebrating Summer Birthdays

Learn some easy tips for celebrating summer birthdays.

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