Little Ones

Trying (and Failing) to Be the Perfect Parent

Perfection is still the goal of many new parents. A recent study of Midwestern parents of newborns found tremendous pressure to be a super mom or a super dad.

 Young Kids

Getting Your Child To Listen

“My child doesn’t listen to me,” is one of the most frequent complaints I hear from frustrated parents. Of course he does—when you say something he likes.

 Tweens & Teens

10 Tips For Avoiding Screen Time Fights

Feeling powerless in the face of the digital landscape of your home?

 The Whole Family

Dad Time: Why It’s Important and How To Get More

Your child’s father is his secret ally in learning and social development. The more time fathers spend with their kids the smarter those kids are, the better behaved they are, the happier and more well-adjusted.

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